PV Powered Unveils New 260 kW Commercial PV Inverter


PV Powered Inc., a Bend, Ore.-based designer and manufacturer of solar inverters, says it has shipped its first PVP 260 kW units.

According to the company, the PVP 260 kW features 97% CEC efficiency at 295 VDC and provides both standard 295VDC input and an optional 265VDC minimum tap. The inverter also has the ability to operate at full nameplate power output across the entire input voltage range.

Further refinements in the company's Smart Air Management system deliver an improved level of thermal operating margin and redundant system design, resulting in a commercial inverter that can operate at full power for 20-plus years across a -30 degree C to 50 degree C operating temperature range, even if a fan fails in the field, according to PV Powered.

PV Powered: (541) 312-3832

SOURCE: PV Powered

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