pv recycling llc, CERES Offering Coordinated Solar Module Recycling


Tempe, Ariz.-based pv recycling llc and CERES, a Paris-based nonprofit, have entered a new partnership agreement to provide module manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe with end-of-life solar module recycling services.

With aging solar installations and the inclusion of photovoltaic modules in Europe's WEEE Directive, along with the development of solar waste regulation and the growth of large-scale installations in the U.S., module manufacturers have expressed a need to coordinate recycling efforts between the two continents, according to CERES and pv recycling.

This coordination includes collection, handling and material reclamation activities intended to ensure that end-of-life modules are processed in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner.

‘We believe working with CERES will decrease duplicative efforts on behalf of our customers, saving them time and money,’ says Jennifer Woolwich, CEO of
pv recycling. ‘Having compatible operations data will also assist the industry as a whole to analyze trends and present empirical evidence of its commitment to a truly sustainable industry.’

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