PV Technologies India Completes Thin-Film Solar Trials


PV Technologies India Ltd., a subsidiary of Moser Baer India Ltd., has completed deposition trials for generation 8.5 amorphous silicon thin-film modules at its new 40 MW plant outside of Delhi.

‘This is truly a major landmark for us, as it marks the completion of the first project for manufacture of a-Si thin-film modules with Gen 8.5 technology,’ says Ravi Khanna, CEO of Moser Baer. ‘Achieving successful and stable thin-film deposition capability for such large-size panels in a record time further manifests our technology and project execution capabilities.’

PV Technologies India says it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a supplier to secure equipment for an additional 565 MW phased expansion of its thin-film manufacturing capacity, which will drive the company's total manufacturing capacity to over 600 MW by 2010.

SOURCE: Moser Baer

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