PV Tender For French Islands Contains Storage Requirements


Germany-based THEnergy reports that French energy authorities published a tender in May for 50 MW of solar plants with at least 25 MW/25 MWh of storage for the nation's island regions.

The tender, valued at approximately EUR 100 million, is designed to make sure solar photovoltaic power integrates effectively with the island grids. The tender specifies that a minimum capacity of 0.5 MWh of storage per 1 MW of PV must be provided, THEnergy says.

In addition, the integrated PV plant and storage must comply with certain rules. The PV feed-in volumes are matched to the actual loads. The extreme case is that the solar plant has to be able to provide electricity for peak-load situations in the evening.

The tender also contains special requirements for the forecast of time slots that are critical for the grid. For this purpose, the operators have to cooperate with several local companies and specialized players.

For more information about the tender, contact THEnergy here.

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