PVComplete And PanelClaw Integrate Solar Solutions


PanelClaw, a Massachusetts-based commercial rooftop solar mounting manufacturer, and PVComplete, a California-based solar design software provider, say they have entered into a partnership to collaborate on solutions that accelerate the design of commercial solar power systems and reduce the cost of PV deployment.

“PVComplete’s solution is tremendously beneficial for PanelClaw customers, enabling them to create solar array layouts quickly and efficiently, reducing project-development time,” remarks Costa Nicolau, CEO of PanelClaw.  “Thanks to PVComplete’s innovative software, PV project designers can easily compare different array layouts and quickly choose the optimal project design.”

PVComplete CEO Claudia Eyzaguirre, adds, “For the first time, solar designers have the ability to ‘self-serve,’ choosing modules and racking without consulting manufacturer spec sheets or maintaining a CAD ‘block library.’

“PVComplete empowers PanelClaw customers to rapidly generate geometrically accurate array layouts, thus eliminating the need to consult with or outsource this design step to PanelClaw early in the project-development process,” continues Eyzaguirre.

By integrating PanelClaw’s product specifications in its software, PVComplete facilitates system designs that automatically match PanelClaw geometry, thereby eliminating the potential for errors while saving development time. Using PVComplete, solar developers can provide PanelClaw with a CAD file that drops into PanelClaw’s design flow, reducing time-consuming design iterations, the partners conclude.

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