Q-Cells Develops 19.5% Efficient Solar Cell


Germany-based Q-Cells SE has developed a solar cell with an efficiency of 19.5%. According to the company, this efficiency, which was confirmed by the independent calibration laboratory of Fraunhofer ISE, represents a new record for polycrystalline cells.

The solar cell is based on the new Q.ANTUM concept developed by Q-Cells in recent years. Peter Waver, senior vice president of technology at Q-Cells, says the company will continue optimizing the cell in order to reach efficiencies above 20%.

At Q-Cells' in-house research center in Thalheim, Germany, a polycrystalline 180-µm-thick silicon wafer was metallized and passivated with functional nanolayers on the back side. According to the company, this new type of structure for the back side, consisting of dielectric layers combined with local contacts, improves the solar cell's optical and electrical characteristics and significantly boosts output compared to the previous standard technology, which uses a completely aluminum-metallized back.

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