Q-Cells, Singulus Technologies Developing New Solar Cell Coating System


Q-Cells AG and Singulus Technologies AG have agreed to jointly develop a novel system for the coating of solar cells with anti-reflection structures. The coating will be achieved through the use of the well-known vacuum coating process used in DVD production, the companies say.

‘This project represents an important milestone in our close cooperation with system manufacturers,’ says Dr. Florian Holzapfel, director of technology at Q-Cells AG. ‘In order to come closer to the goals of the PV industry in making solar power competitive, a significant reduction in production costs is indispensable. This will only succeed if solar cell developers with their process experience work closely together with equipment manufacturers in order to transfer advanced production processes from research and development to production.’

‘With the continuous increase in cycle frequency and production output, Singulus systems have enabled the cost-effective mass production of CDs and DVDs,’ adds Stefan A. Baustert, CEO of Singulus Technologies. ‘Now, we want to apply our experience in automation and coating to solar cell production.’

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