QBotix Releases Robotic Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System


Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered QBotix has introduced the QBotix Tracking System (QTS), a dual-axis tracking system that employs mobile robots to dynamically operate solar power plants.

According to the company, QTS provides the higher performance and energy output of dual-axis tracking at conventional single-axis tracking prices. It utilizes a pair of autonomous robots – one primary and one backup – to control 300 kW of solar panels.

The solar panels are installed on QBotix-designed mounting systems that do not have any individual motors. The robots travel on a track and adjust each mounting system to optimally face the sun in succession. Each robot replaces hundreds of individual motors and controllers found on conventional tracking systems.

The embedded intelligence and data communication capabilities of each autonomous robot optimize power plant performance and enable detailed operational knowledge. QTS is compatible with all solar panels and mounting foundations, the company adds.

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