QBotix Unveils SolBot R-225, Enhances Robotic Tracking System


QBotix, a developer of robotics for the operation of solar power plants, has unveiled the SolBot R-225 and announced other enhancements for its Robotic Tracking System (RTS), a dual-axis tracking system.

The SolBot R-225, a mobile robot for positioning solar panels and collecting data, builds upon the SolBot R-200. The SolBot R-225 can manage 340 kW of solar panels, a 13% improvement over the SolBot R-200, and is also smaller, lighter and requires fewer components than its predecessor. Additionally, QBotix says SolBot R-225's tracking rail consists of two pre-assembled pieces rather than multiple parts so that it can be quickly snapped together on site.

QBotix also says it increased the flexibility and versatility of the communication network for the RTS, enabling to support international and domestic frequencies and coordinate and control the activities of multiple robots simultaneously.

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