QComp Technologies Offers New Conveyors For Glass Handling


Robotics integrator QComp Technologies Inc. has introduced five new conveyors designed specifically to meet the needs of glass-handling applications. The complete line of conveyors include straight, pop-up transfer, cantilevered-finger, tilt-top and skewed-roller conveyors.

‘Due to the delicate nature of their product, glass manufacturers require extremely precise, secure and careful transport of the glass throughout the production line,’ says Tom Doyle, president of QComp Technologies.

According to the company, the straight conveyor is designed for precise and non-marking transportation of flat glass. The pop-up transfer conveyor is intended for 90-degree transfer from one straight section to another, and the cantilevered-finger conveyor allows for bottom-side glass placement with an integrated robot tool.

The tilt-top conveyor allows for easier inspection and manual load or unload of conveyor, and the skewed-roller conveyor moves glass to one side of conveyor and justifies it for the next process.

QComp Technologies: (920) 757-0775

SOURCE: QComp Technologies

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