QD Soleil Adds Nanotechnology Executives


QD Soleil, the solar division of Nanosys Inc., has hired Dr. J. Wallace Parce, who will serve as chief technology officer (CTO). Parce was formerly the CTO of Nanosys, where he led commercialization programs, including the development of nanocrystal technology for integration into solar cells.

Prior to working at Nanosys, Parce co-founded and led research for several technology companies, including Caliper Life Sciences and Molecular Devices.

In addition, QD Soleil has added three advisory board members: Dr. Avery Goldstein, who possesses extensive expertise in thin-film manufacturing using roll-to-roll processing and nanoparticle inks; Dr. Delia Milliron, a Lawerence Berkeley National Labs scientist working on nanoparticle and quantum dot technology for use in solar energy applications; and Dr. Xiangfeng Duan, a scientific co-founder of Nanosys who is also currently an assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

SOURCE: QD Soleil Inc.

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