QSolar Releases New Semi-Transparent Solar Modules


Calgary, Alberta-headquartered QSolar Ltd. has introduced its new Kristal and Kristal Rainbow range of semi-transparent and colored semi-transparent solar panels. Following the introduction of QSolar's frameless Spraytek range of solar panels, the Kristal range consists of rigid, frameless solar panels that allow light to partially pass through them.

According to the company, the modules are designed for use in building-integrated PVÂ (BIPV) applications to replace windows, roofs and walls. They are designed to address structural requirements while producing electricity from the sun.

‘The availability of colored panels creates an even larger potential market for us, because the Kristal panels enable architects and designers to implement a wide variety of building applications,’ says Andreas Tapakoudes, president and CEO. Tapakoudes adds that the BIPV market is rapidly expanding in Europe.

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