QuantaSol Introduces Record-Breaking Single-Junction Solar Cell


QuantaSol Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of strain-balanced quantum-well solar cells, has developed what the company believes is the most efficient single-junction solar cell ever manufactured. Developed in two years, QuantaSol's single-junction device has been independently tested by Fraunhofer ISE as achieving 28.3% efficiency at greater than 500 suns.

QuantaSol was established in June 2007 as a spin-out of Imperial College London to commercialize the university's solar cell IP and offer devices to concentrator PV systems developers.

QuantaSol's approach combines several nanostructures of two or more different alloys in order to obtain synthetic crystals that overcome the problems associated with current solar cell designs. It also greatly enhances the photovoltaic conversion efficiency, the company says.

QuantaSol now plans to concentrate on cutting the cost of ownership of solar energy by moving to multi-junction devices.

QuantaSol: 44 2089728830

SOURCE: QuantaSol

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