Quebec City Installs Solar Air Heating System


Enerconcept Technologies has supplied its solar air heating collectors for an installation at the Reseau des Transports de la Capitale (RTC) facility – a public transportation maintenance garage – in Quebec City, Canada.

The 492,000 square-foot RTC facility, most of which is used for maintenance and storage of up to 600 buses, received a complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofit that included heat recovery and other energy-saving components, in addition to the solar hot air collectors. Consulting engineering firm Genivar Inc., general contractor TBC and the municipality worked together on the project, which is expected to save the city 35% on energy costs annually.

The first phase of the installation used wall-mounted metal Unitair and glazing Luba GL roof-mounted solar hot air collectors, both manufactured by Enerconcept Technologies. The units were installed on the 25-foot-high metal building's south wall to supply solar-heated outdoor air to the HVAC rooftop system.

This phase called for a total of 144 solar collectors in 22 rows with a southern azimuth and a 70-degree inclination. The next phases will include additional Luba GL units and Unitair equipment.

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