Quick Cable Introduces Battery-Containment Systems


Quick Cable Corp., a manufacturer of products for electrical storage and connectivity, has released the Rescue line of battery-containment systems, battery racks and cabling systems in conjunction with the release of its new stationary power catalog.

Designed to comply with the Uniform Fire Code, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency regulations, Rescue systems are constructed of industrial-strength materials to offer the highest level of protection for stationary lead-acid battery systems, the company says. Available in PVC or stainless steel, Rescue battery-containment systems are complete turnkey systems that include PVC liner, absorbent pillows and socks, rails, corners and clips.

The company's new battery racks and cable kits are designed to be used in conjunction with Rescue containment systems. The modular racks are made with sturdy steel construction and are powder-coated. They are available with two fixed shelves or one fixed shelf and one roll-out shelf. Complete cable kits are available with or without disconnect hardware.

Quick Cable Corp.: (262) 824-3100

SOURCE: Quick Cable Corp.

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