Quick Mount PV Releases Three New Mounting Products


Quick Mount PV, a provider of rooftop solar mounts, has released its first PV mount for the commercial low-slope roofing market and expanded its line of steep-slope residential mounts with two new products.

The new low-slope mount features the company's proprietary cast aluminum QBase, which uses an inch-deep, reinforced flange engineered to brace a 1.25′ diameter, 12′ long standoff against 376 pounds of shear force. QBase has no seams or welds to weaken it and allows the use of either two or four mechanical fasteners to secure it to low-slope or steep-slope roofs, the company says.

The new roof composition mount combines the QBase with a 3.25′ standoff with a pre-shaped, spun-aluminum pan-and-cone flashing. The cone is spun from a single 12′ x 12′ sheet aluminum and forms a tight, waterproof shield around the QBase and fasteners, isolating them from water, and raising the point of entry 1.75′ off the deck with no welds or seams, Quick Mount PV says.

The new universal tile mount uses the QBase with a 7′ standoff and two spun-aluminum cone flashings to provide a code-compliant, waterproof product. Both the 9′ x 9′ primary flashing and 18′ x 18′ secondary flashing employ weld-free, seamless, spun-aluminum cones to keep water away from fasteners and penetrations and raise the point of entry above the deck, the company adds.

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