Rainbow Solar Introduces Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Window System


Rainbow Solar Inc. (RSi) has released the RSi PV-Glass Window – a transparent photovoltaic glass window that can generates between 80 W and 250 W of electricity.

The enclosed, super-tempered glass window system – featuring patent pending, fully integrated PV and heat insulation technology – can be sized up to 9 ft. x 9 ft., with comprehensive options to meet design, weather, climate and building code requirements.

RSi says the system also features an optional built-in electrical privacy curtain, to completely block out an already shaded glass window, and a new technology that converts the entire window into a light panel.

Currently, RSi is working with architects and developers to incorporate the PV-Glass Window into projects in Hollywood, Calif., and Las Vegas. RSi is also looking to localize production by licensing glass window manufactures in the U.S. and Canada.

RSi: (310) 601-7588


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