Ratings Group Expands Thermal Certification For PV


The Solar Rating Certification Corp. (ICC-SRCC) has expanded its OG-100 and OG-300 certification programs to include photovoltaic conversion of solar to thermal energy to heat water.

PV manufacturers that meet certification requirements may qualify for state and federal financial incentives and Energy Star program listings.

To qualify for OG-100 and/or OG-300 certification, a PV solar collector must meet TM-1 protocol requirements that include a requirement for certification of the PV module to the Underwriters Laboratories' UL 1703 standard for PV modules.

The 2015 International Residential Code requires compliance with the ICC-SRCC Standard 100 Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Collectors, which forms the basis for OG-100 certification.

‘Solar photovoltaic collectors provide consumers with new options to offset the use of fossil fuels and expand the use of renewable energy,’ says Eileen Prado, executive director of the ICC-SRCC .

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