REC Offering New Solar Modules With Lead-Free Soldering


Renewable Energy Corp. (REC) has launched the REC Peak Energy Eco, a new solar module produced with lead-free soldering.

The company says it was able to modify its manufacturing process to remove all the lead normally required in the soldering process, which has significantly cut the lead content in the module.

‘We are seeing that an increasing number of our customers and regulators require information about the environmental footprint of solar solutions,’ notes Luc Grare, senior vice president of sales and marketing for cells and modules at REC.

According to the company, REC modules have the lightest carbon footprint for multicrystalline modules and an industry-leading energy payback time of one year, thanks in part to REC's proprietary Fluidized Bed Reactor process, which uses 90% less energy to produce silicon than competing technologies.

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