REC Solar Completes 1.2 MW PV Installation In Hawaii


REC Solar has inaugurated a 1.21 MW solar installation, the largest system of its kind in the state of Hawaii. Project partners Kaua'i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) and Kapaa Solar LLC, which financed the system and negotiated a power purchase agreement with KIUC, joined REC Solar at the inauguration ceremony.

REC Solar designed, procured and managed the installation of the ground-mounted photovoltaic system. The project was sighted on 5 acres of non-productive agricultural land located above old Kapaa Town on the windward side of Kaua'i. The solar power plant was designed with four 250 kW Advanced Energy Solaron inverters and is powered by 5,376 REC Group 225 W Peak Energy series modules.

REC Solar utilized its proprietary SnapNrack fixed-tilt racking, which features extremely thick galvanization to combat the island environment's corrosive components, the company notes. The inverters' 480 V output is stepped up with a single 1 MW transformer and interconnected directly to the utility's 12.8 kV distribution lines.


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