REDCO Signs Power Purchase Agreement With California City


The Needles, Calif., city council and the Needles Public Utility Authority (NPUA) have unanimously approved and executed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Renewable Energy Development Corp. (REDCO).

Under the PPA, REDCO will develop and operate a 5 MW solar thermal power plant in Needles to provide the city with power and renewable energy certificates.

Needles voted to move forward with the PPA in part to satisfy California's renewable portfolio standard, which requires that a minimum 10% of all power procurements come from a renewable source by 2010.

REDCO will purchase solar thermal equipment, including turbines, from International Automated Systems, a developer of solar technologies. REDCO has hired Ralph L. Wadsworth Co. to serve as general contractor to construct the project. Petersen Inc. will handle manufacturing and in-field assembly of the solar equipment.


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