REFU Solar Electronics Inverters Now Available In North America


REFU Elektronik GmbH, based in Metzingen, Germany, says its North American subsidiary, REFU Solar Electronics Inc., has introduced the REFUSOL and REFUSPB solar inverter product lines to the North American market. The inverter line includes 11 kW – 20 kW, 100 kW – 250 kW and 500 kW – 1.3 MW models.

The inverters are available with a closed-loop, liquid-cooling feature that offers improved performance in hot temperatures and reduced wear on electrical components, according to the company. This option also enables use of residual heat for purposes such as heating of buildings or hot water.

In addition, the products can be delivered in a solid, secure and hermetically sealed unit to keep dust, salt, fog and humidity away from electrical and electronic components, increasing the inverter's life and reducing maintenance costs, REFU Elektronik GmbH says.

In addition, the company recently expanded its production company to eastern Europe and is considering similar activity in the U.S., according to Michael Seehuber, CEO of REFU Elektronik GmbH.

REFU Solar Electronics: (408) 335-0198

SOURCE: REFU Solar Electronics

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