Rehm Launches New Drying Systems For Solar Cell Metallization


Rehm Thermal Systems has introduced the RDS 2100 and RDS 3000, a new series of drying systems for solar cell metallization.

The drying process consists of a combination of either five or seven IR zones and one central convection zone. This design combination offers temperature profiling that can be adjusted for both precision and flexibility, says Rehm. These horizontal throughput systems guarantee a safe transport through the oven, either via mesh belt or with pin chain up to three lanes.

In the mesh-belt systems, the conveyor of the heating zone can be separated from that of the cooling zone. Consequently, no latent heat is carried into the cooling area, which offers a higher cooling gradient and a shorter oven, according to the company. With belt speeds up to 6m/minute, the RDS Series provides high throughputs of up to 5,700 wph.
The new systems are also available with Rehm's Condensate Residue Management System, a process that controls the buildup of unwanted paste solvent and vehicle residue in the process chamber and extends the maintenance intervals.

Rehm Thermal Systems: 49 734496060

SOURCE: Rehm Thermal Systems

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