Rehm Thermal Systems Introduces Fast-Fire Furnances


Rehm Thermal Systems has launched the RFS and RFS-D Fast Firing Systems, a new series of firing systems for solar cell metallization. The products include a range of advanced process features and thermal control that enable PV manufacturers to move their processes to a new level of efficiency and yield, Rehm says.
The systems offer high throughput rates – transport speeds up to 6m/minute and multiple lanes – to maximize productivity; flexible transport systems that enable single-, dual- and triple-lane handling of wafers; and an integrated residue management system that maintains a clean process chamber and extends maintenance intervals.

Rehm Visu2 software includes traceability tools, remote diagnostics and an extensive product library. Additionally, according to the company, a unique gas management system improves thermal transfer efficiency without using supplemental heaters.

Rehm Thermal Systems : 49 734496060

SOURCE: Rehm Thermal Systems

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