Reid, Pickens, Podesta Urge Action On Clean-Energy Infrastructure


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., energy executive T. Boone Pickens and Center for American Progress Action Fund President and CEO John Podesta have sent a letter to President Barack Obama, thanking him for his leadership to date on clean energy and urging him to ‘recommit [his] efforts to rapidly build the infrastructure for a new energy economy – using all the policy and leadership tools at [his] disposal.’

The letter was accompanied by a policy research paper, written by Bracken Hendricks and published by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, entitled ‘Wired for Progress 2.0: Building a National Clean-Energy Smart Grid.’

Reid, Pickens and Podesta indicated in their letter that they came from differing areas of responsibility, political views and experience, but were united behind a common goal of ensuring that the nation meets its energy challenges.

According to the letter, reaching this goal ‘begins with rewiring the electricity grid to facilitate large-scale use of renewable energy, dramatic gains in energy efficiency and the move to clean domestic transportation fuels to reduce the economic, environmental and national security risks posed by our ever-increasing foreign oil dependence.’

SOURCE: Center For American Progress Action Fund

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