Reis Robotics Develops New Module-Production Technologies


Reis Robotics has introduced two new technologies for automated solar module production lines: an electroluminescence-based system that will recognize and prevent lamination of faulty cells automatically and a fully automatic direct-assembly system for the junction box at the PV module after lamination.

Both enhancements will be formally unveiled at the upcoming European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference in Valencia, Spain, next month.

The automatic electroluminescence measurement system allows the complete matrix to be assessed before the lamination process. Faulty or damaged solar cells are detected automatically with a camera and, thus, can be fed out straight away, the company explains. Defective cells can be replaced or repaired offline, and the strings are inserted again immediately during the production process. The system can be retrofitted into existing lines without major effort or expense, Reis Robotics notes.

With the new fully automatic assembly procedure, assembly is performed after lamination of the strings in the module. The process provides increased safety and cost savings, as some steps (e.g., foil punching) are omitted before lamination, the company says.

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SOURCE: Reis Robotics

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