RENA And SoLayTec’s InPERC Technology Produces Solar Cells With 18% Efficiency


Netherlands-based SoLayTec BV says the Inline Technology for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (InPERC) developed by its partner, Germany-based RENA GmbH, is currently being implemented at a Chinese customer's site on pilot production level.

SoLayTec says InPERC produces cell efficiencies up to 18% for multicrystalline wafers using a manufacturing process that includes rear-side smoothing, passivation, laser ablation and overall process integration.

SoLayTec says its InPassion atomic layer deposition tool is a key component of the InPERC concept, enabling fast deposition of aluminium-oxide layers with required uniformities and passivation properties. The company says this capability is important for achieving high cell efficiencies while minimizing layer thickness and total process costs.

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