ReneSola Establishes Japanese Subsidiary


ReneSola Ltd. has created a Japanese subsidiary called ReneSola Japan Ltd. In addition, the company has applied for its products to be listed by the Japan Photovoltaic Expansion Center (JPEC) for eligibility to receive installation subsidies from the Japanese government.

JPEC listing is considered the biggest hurdle for a foreign company to enter Japan's residential solar market, ReneSola says. In addition to eligibility for Japanese solar subsidies, JPEC-listed products give customers the confidence that the products meet Japan's standards and safety requirements and are fully compatible with the country's electric grid.

In order to obtain a JPEC listing, ReneSola has partnered with local suppliers to provide a PV home kit solution that includes monocrystalline modules with an inverter, monitor and racking system. The company expects these products to be JPEC-listed next month.

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