ReneSola Providing PV Modules For Japanese Solar Projects


ReneSola Ltd. has agreed to provide 10 MW of its Virtus II photovoltaic modules to Vitec Co. Ltd., a Japan-based seller of semiconductor and electronic components and provider of energy and environmental consulting services, for a number of solar projects in Japan. According to ReneSola, the projects range from 0.6 MW to 2.4 MW.

‘We're confident our modules will enhance Vitec's portfolio and the end-user experience," says ReneSola CEO Xianshou Li. ‘We hope to continue working with Vitec as we expand our operations to deliver high-quality products and household PV solutions to the strategically important Japan market.’

ReneSola expects its shipments to Japan to grow in the second half of this year, with Japan becoming the company's third largest market after Europe and the U.S.

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