Renewable Generation In Ontario Contributing To Energy ‘Transformation’


The integration of large volumes of renewable energy supply is contributing to a broad transformation of Ontario's power system, according to the Independent Electricity System Operator's (IESO) latest 18-Month Outlook.

Solar and wind are becoming increasingly important contributors to Ontario's supply mix, with significantly more projects scheduled for completion beyond the 18-month time frame of the report.

The quarterly report indicates that 2012 will be a watershed in the evolution of the provincial grid, according to IESO. Current projections for 2012 indicate new renewable resources will come into service at a rate of about 200 MW per month. From now until May 2012, about 1,700 MW of new generation is expected to come online, along with associated transmission and distribution system upgrades and enhancements.

Of the 1,700 MW of new supply, almost 1,000 MW represent renewable resources, bringing total grid-connected renewables to nearly 2,200 MW. Over the same period, approximately 1,400 MW of additional renewables will be connected to Ontario's distribution systems, bringing total distribution-connected renewables to about 2,100 MW.

SOURCE: Independent Electricity System Operator

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