Renewable Power For Atlanta Condo Tower


The future residents of the Aquarius Tower, a 38-story condominium high-rise now under construction in downtown Atlanta, will be getting more than just a deluxe apartment in the sky. The building will keep its energy costs down by incorporating solar cells and wind turbines into the structure.

Designed by PFVS Architects Inc., Aquarius Tower features a curved rooftop covered with solar panels. Additionally, eight small wind turbines will be arranged vertically within the rooftop's swirling design. Lily Development LLC, the company behind the building's construction, states the turbines will supply up to 20% of the energy for the 240,000 square-foot Aquarius Tower.

Aquarius Tower is expected to be finished by fall 2009. Units in the high-rise are already being sold, from a lower-floored $300,000 to a $2.5 million penthouse.

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