Renewable Power Solutions Introduces Little Giant


San Jose, Calif.-based Renewable Power Solutions Inc., a provider of solar energy installation services, has launched Little Giant, a 1.2 kW solar system that costs less than $5,000 after California state rebate incentives, tax credits and first-year energy savings.

The Little Giant solar system can power average household appliances, such as an energy-efficient refrigerator, a small air conditioner unit, a dishwasher or 64 compact florescent light bulbs. The financial benefits of this system over 25 years equal approximately $55,000, the company says.

Little Giant contains six U.S.-manufactured solar panels by Sharp rated at 216 watts each and six Enphase microinverters. Once permits are obtained, a Renewable Power Solutions team can complete the installation within one business day, the company adds.

Renewable Power Solutions: (408) 998-7400

SOURCE: Renewable Power Solutions

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