Renewables And Nuclear To Assume A Greater Share Of India’s Capacity


India's cumulative installed electricity generating capacity will more than double from 272.8 GW in 2014 to 609 GW by 2025, with nuclear and renewable sources increasing their share against coal.

According to the latest report by the U.K.-based research firm GlobalData, coal-generated thermal power will continue to dominate India's energy sector, and renewable and nuclear energy sources are both set to record impressive growth during the forecast period.

Chiradeep Chatterjee, GlobalData's senior analyst covering power, says that India's nuclear capacity is expected to increase more than sixfold, from 5.8 GW in 2014 to 35.2 GW by 2025, in a bid to reduce the country's reliance on coal. Meanwhile, India's renewable installed capacity – excluding hydropower – is expected to more than triple from 33.1 GW in 2014 to an estimated 125.9 GW by 2025.

‘India has significant solar power potential due to its geographical location near the equator, and the country has outlined clear plans for future energy production from this source,’ Chatterjee says.

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