Renusol America Introduces New Ballasted Solar Mounting System


Renusol America, a provider of PV mounting systems, has released the Renusol CS60, a new non-penetrating ballasted mounting system for flat-roof PV applications.

According to the company, the racking and mounting system has 23% fewer components than earlier versions and significantly reduces the cost of fasteners needed for assembly, while reducing labor costs, with less time needed to fasten the modules to the CS60 mounting system.

The system's vertical load strength has been increased by more than 39%, from 720 lbs/ft to over 1,000 lbs/ft. Made of durable high-molecular weight polyethylene, the direct PV-panel-to-base connection eliminates the need for the customer to ground any mounting system components, Renusol adds.

The product, which is Buy American-compliant, is made from recycled plastics, can be easily transported and requires no roof penetration with the addition of ballast, Renusol adds.

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