Renusol Signs With U.K. Distributor Edmundson Electrical


Germany-based photovoltaic mounting systems manufacturer Renusol GmbH is now supplying its full range of roof- and ground-mount products to U.K.-based distributor Edmundson Electrical.

Under the Greentech brand, Edmundson sells PV products in 22 of its Edmundson and Electric Center branches.

‘Renusol is one of the best-known brands in Europe and provides intelligent mounting solutions for any type of roof,’ says Andrew Fawcett, business development manager at Edmundson Electrical. ‘For example, Renusol has designed a module clamp that is compatible with all of its systems and module heights. This means that we are not required to stock a variety of clamps, and our customers do not need to check whether they are choosing the correct clamp for their system and PV modules.’

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