Renusol Unveils New Mounting Systems


Renusol GmbH, a provider of flat-roof and in-roof plastic mounting systems for solar modules, has presented the new ConSole DS, VarioSole DS and InterSole XL mounting systems. All three systems offer as anti-slip protection and other safety features, the company notes. Europe-wide patents have already been filed for each system.

ConSole DS is a modern flat-roof mounting system that is specially designed to meet the requirements of modern thin-film modules/laminates measuring 1.1 meters x 1.3 meters and has been developed in close partnership with ersol Thin Film GmbH. ConSole DS offers the proven benefits of patented ConSole technology, but also incorporates new product features that have been made possible, thanks to new injection-compression technology, says Renusol.

InterSole XL is designed for large rooftops, such as those on agricultural and commercial buildings. Such buildings are often roofed in profiled, corrugated sheets or trapezoidal profiles and purlin spacings of up to 1.5 meters. InterSole XL is designed with a view to span both roof characteristics, which makes it possible to incorporate the PV modules into the building shell above the water-bearing layer.

Finally, VarioSole DS makes frameless glass/glass laminates (1.1 meters x 1.3 meters) even easier to fit on pitched roofs, according to the company. Integral anti-slip protection and spacers ensure that the laminates can be laid safely on the substructure during installation. Laminates are anchored in linear fashion and secured with clamping bars. These clamping bars can also be matched to the structural requirements of the laminates made from various combinations of glass, if required.

Renusol: 49 02217887070

SOURCE: Renusol GmbH

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