Renusol Unveils Universal Clamp For PV Mounting Systems


Renusol is launching its RS1 universal clamp for mounting photovoltaic panels that can be used as either a mid or end clamp.

In order to switch between the mid and end clamp function, the clamp head is turned 90 degrees. The company says that because only one component is needed instead of two, planning, ordering materials and mounting are all made easier for installers.

The new RS1 clamp is height-adjustable, making it suitable for all standard, framed solar panels with frame heights between 30 mm and 50 mm. Renusol says the clamp can be positioned, adjusted and fixed in the mounting rail with one hand, which is a big advantage for installers, particularly on steep pitched roofs.

The RS1 clamp has already received TUV and MCS certification.

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