Report: Dye-Sensitized Cell Panel And Materials Revenues Projected To Reach $1.9B By 2016


Revenues generated by solar panels using dye-sensitized cell (DSC) technology will reach $1.9 billion by 2016, according to a new report from NanoMarkets. The report identifies the new business opportunities that are emerging from the DSC sector and covers both on-grid and off-grid uses.

The report, ‘Dye Sensitized Cells: Materials, Applications and Opportunities,’ finds that projects with DSC-based building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) involving Pilkington and Tata Steel appear to have progressed well in the past year, suggesting a healthy market in the future. NanoMarkets projects that revenues from DSC-based BIPV will account for over 80% of the DSC market by 2016.

In addition, new and more cost-effective DSC materials are being developed. For example, costly ruthenium dye may eventually be replaced by chlorophyll derivatives, copper-based dyes and mixed ‘cocktails’ of various dyes. Solid-state, printable and transparent electrolytes are also on their way to the marketplace. By 2016, the DSC panel industry is expected to consume more than $780 million in materials.

DSC represents a substantial opportunity for the building-materials industry to add PV capabilities to their premium tiles, siding and architectural glass, the report states. By 2016, building substrates of this kind are likely to represent a market worth around $500 million.

SOURCE: NanoMarkets

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