Rheem Unveils Marathon Thermal Storage Tank


Rheem, a producer of heating, cooling and water-heating products, has introduced the Marathon Two-Port Thermal Storage Tank.

The new storage tank is designed to provide building professionals with a lightweight, energy-efficient thermal storage tank with the installation flexibility to fit a wide variety of applications, including solar, geothermal and hydronic water-heating systems.

According to Rheem, the Marathon Thermal Storage Tank features a corrosion-resistant and insulated inner tank; a protective outer tank; a bowl-shaped tank bottom to allow complete sediment draining; a high-temperature polysulfone dip tube; collector feed and return fittings that are located at the front of the tank, which simplifies installation; a thermostatically controlled electrical elements for supplemental heating (on four-port tanks); and factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve and vacuum relief valve.

The Marathon carries a watertight lifetime warranty, and all models are protected by a six-year parts warranty.

Rheem: (334) 260-1500


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