ROFIN Introduces PowerLine L Series Lasers


ROFIN has released the PowerLine L Series, a new laser series for high-speed micro-material processing, particularly photovoltaic manufacturing. These q-switched solid-state lasers are specifically designed for micro-material processing applications that require high average power and high pulse energy, the company says.

In the 1064 nm class, the PowerLine L 300 completes ROFIN's laser range for edge-deletion applications. The DQ series offers 500 W and 1,000 W, while the PowerLine L 300 features more than 200 W laser power at 10 KHz and smaller optical fibers, such as an optimized square fiber with 400-micrometer diameter. Compared to round fibers, square fibers provide higher efficiency by machining a bigger area per pulse, according to ROFIN.

For selective opening of dielectric layers and direct laser doping applications in crystalline solar cell manufacturing, the PowerLine L 100 SHG offers optimum beam characteristics and power for large-scale production, the company adds. Green lasers with 532 nm show the desired near-surface absorption in silicon and can be equipped a wide range of long-life optical components and fibers. With optimized fibers, a top-hat beam profile can be realized, which provides homogenous energy distribution within the entire laser spot area.

ROFIN: 49 081517764345


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