ROFIN-SINAR, Manz Automation Developing Equipment For Thin-Film Solar PV


ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of laser-based solutions, has entered into a strategic alliance with Manz Automation AG to develop a new machine concept for the production of thin-film solar modules.

The strategic alliance aims to develop PV equipment that combines laser edge ablation and laser cutting of thin-film solar modules within production. The concept will allow two successive processes to be integrated into a single production line: the laser edge ablation process Manz Automation developed in the past, along with the a new process to cut glass using the ROFIN-SINAR laser process.

The partners say they will bundle their respective competencies, whereby ROFIN-SINAR will be responsible for developing the laser cutting technology, and Manz Automation will develop the production system and integrate the laser technology.

The new machines, the companies say, will be ready for the market by the close of 2009.

ROFIN-SINAR: (734) 416-0206


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