Rohm And Haas Releases Enhanced MOCVD Delivery System


Rohm and Haas has released its second-generation VaporStation central delivery system, which features several enhancements to the original version.

According to the company, the new systems use the latest version of the IvMB inverted mini bubbler, optimized control software and an improved panel layout. Rohm and Haas designed the VaporStation in cooperation with Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.

The system is designed to deliver trimethylgallium and other precursors to multiple metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactors from a central supply source cabinet using a high-purity carrier gas, Rohm and Haas says.

The company engineered the upgraded system to provide a near-constant fill level in the IvMB evaporator, optimized metal-organic carrier gas intermixing and improved efficiency and ergonomics. The system can deliver a stable metal-organic precursor concentration at a precisely controlled flow rate to up to 10 MOCVD reactors from a single 20 kg supply cylinder.

Rohm and Haas: (877) 288-5881

SOURCE: Rohm and Haas

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