Rostra Vernatherm Introduces New Solar Freeze-Protection Valve


Rostra Vernatherm has unveiled a new freeze-protection valve for solar collectors and exposed pipes connected to solar hot-water systems. Vernatherm freeze-protection valves use non-electric, self-contained paraffin wax motors (thermal actuators) that automatically respond to temperature fluctuations.

The valve features an anti-seize mechanism designed to ensure longevity and durability, an anti-insect design to prevent insect-induced failure, a compact design that keeps total weight under 4 ounces, UV-resistant body material and a stainless steel inlet debris screen, the company says.

Both the 35-degree F relief temperature model and the 45-degree F relief temperature models are offered in a 90-degree elbow design version and a straight-flow design version.

Rostra Vernatherm: (888) 582-6776

SOURCE: Rostra Vernatherm     Â

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