RSI Unveils Large-Size Cadmium Telluride Solar Modules


REEL Solar Inc. (RSI) has announced that 1.5-square-meter cadmium telluride (CdTe) modules will be available from RSI's exclusive regional manufacturing partners.

According to the company, conventional CdTe modules measure 0.72 square meters, a limitation that stems from the use of high-temperature CdTe deposition processes.

RSI says it has developed a proprietary tool and low-temperature process, known as Rapid Efficient Electroplating on Large-areas, that both speeds the plating step and eliminates constraints on panel area. The company projects a manufacturing cost of less than $0.40 per peak watt in 2014.

‘The math is simple for large-area modules,’ says Kurt Weiner, RSI's co-founder and president. ‘At each step in the manufacturing process, we are moving more watts for a given capex, materials and labor cost. At the end, our panels produce significantly more power, so they're cheaper to install.’

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