RSLE Demonstrates Multiband PV Device


Phoenix-based RoseStreet Labs Energy Inc. (RSLE) says it has demonstrated the first known multiband photovoltaic device featuring three distinct light absorption regions integrated into a single-layer thin-film device.

This breakthrough is based on RSLE's IBand technology and is the first known intermediate band solar cell reduced to practice in a laboratory demonstration. This technology illustrates great promise for high-efficiency thin-film solar efficiencies above 35% by potentially capturing the full spectrum of the sun's spectrum, RSLE says.

The intermediate band solar cell developed by RSLE, is a thin-film technology based on the discovery of highly mismatched alloys. The three-bandgap, one-junction device has the potential of significantly improved solar light absorption and higher power output than the III-V triple junction compound semiconductor devices that presently hold the world record for solar efficiency, according to RSLE.

RSLE's demonstration device was fabricated on high-volume chemical vapor deposition technology, thereby validating the potential for high-volume commercialization, the company adds.

SOURCE: RoseStreet Labs Energy Inc.

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