RUBENIUS Investing $4 Billion In Energy-Storage Site In Mexico


RUBENIUS, an energy services company based in the United Arab Emirates, says it intends to build an energy-storage facility based on sodium-sulfur battery technology on a 345-acre site the company recently purchased in Baja California, Mexico. The cost of the facility is estimated to exceed $4 billion.

The company says it will offer the storage space, which is intended to support higher levels of wind and solar energy generation, to energy companies and utilities in the U.S. and Mexico. The facility, set for construction in the Silicon Border science park in Mexicali, will be located close to San Diego Gas & Electric's planned Sunrise Powerlink transmission line.

RUBENIUS notes that, in addition to the energy-storage site and future manufacturing facilities in Mexico, it intends to establish a research and development center in San Diego that will include labs for smart grid products and services.


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