Rudolph Introduces Solar Fab Management Software For PV Production


Rudolph Technologies Inc., a provider of process characterization solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, has released Discover Solar. According to the company, this software is the first fab management software tool designed specifically to help photovoltaic manufacturers increase cell efficiency and reduce costs.
‘Based on our success with Discover analysis and data management software for the semiconductor industry, Discover Solar incorporates a completely re-engineered database structure and analysis engine optimized for the unique requirements of high-volume photovoltaic production,’ says Mike Plisinski, vice president and general manager of the company's data analysis and review business unit.

‘It provides comprehensive analysis of process performance information, allowing manufacturers to discover and act upon opportunities to improve the energy-conversion efficiency of their products,’ he continues.

‘Using Discover Solar, PV process engineers can monitor the health of a complete production line and quickly identify tool and sub-component problems, as well as incoming material issues that could impact the line,’ Plisinski adds. ‘If even possible, this kind of analysis would take hours to perform without Discover Solar.’

Discover Solar accepts all available data from each step in the solar manufacturing process, and statistical process control with automated reporting is designed to quickly transmit critical information to the right people. Discover Solar is available now for purchase.

Rudolph Technologies Inc.: (973) 691-1300

SOURCE: Rudolph Technologies Inc.

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