RUV Systems BV Notes Success Of Solar Cell Testing Tech


RUV Systems BV, a joint venture specializing in ultrasonic crack detection in Si wafers and solar cells, says its technology – which is based on resonance ultrasonic vibrations (RUV) techniques – has proven successful in recent scientific testing in a multiple production environment.

The RUV technique was developed for in-line, non-destructive crack detection and relies on a deviation of the resonance frequency response curve measured on cracked and on identical non-cracked wafers. The technology allows for rejection of mechanically unstable Si wafers after ingot cutting before they are introduced into further cell processing.

This process also provides identification of wafers with mechanical defects, such as cracks, during production to avoid their in-line breakage and detection of cracked cells before they would laminated into modules, preventing panel efficiency reduction and product return from the field.

Among other test findings, provisional results show an increase in module efficiency when cells with small cracks are eliminated from production using RUV, the company says. A research paper with complete findings will be published this year.

RUV Systems BV: 31 773078723


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