S-5! Clamps Earn Florida Product Approvals


S-5! standing seam clamps, with utilizations that include solar installations, have earned Florida Product Approvals (FPA) for High Velocity and Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

The company says it is first metal roof attachment manufacturer to earn FPA for HVHZ certification. 

“FPA has different levels of approvals, and HVHZ is the most demanding one,” says Rob Haddock, CEO and founder of S-5! 

“We are proud of this ground-breaking milestone, validating the holding strength and quality engineering of S-5! tested and certified products. Many applications lack proper engineering for specific design loads, posing risks to public safety and potential liabilities for owners, contractors and designers. My hope is that this certification will establish a benchmark for the importance of tested and certified attachments, encouraging other producers to comply.”

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