S-5! Launches VersaBracket-47


S-5!, a provider of roof attachment solutions, has unveiled the new VersaBracket-47, which is designed to provide a strong, versatile and low-cost bracket option for mounting objects to a face-fastened metal roof profile.

Dustin Haddock, manager of product and system development at S-5!, conducted extensive load testing research during development and tested the VersaBracket-47's load strength to 1,283 pounds – an increase of 863 pounds over previous solutions when tested on standard 16-gauge purlins, the company notes.

The VersaBracket-47 can also be ordered with custom attachment holes for specific applications. The patent-protected, encapsulated butyl sealant design also provides a safes way to make a penetration on a face-fastened metal roof, virtually eliminating the possibility of leaks and corrosion, S-5! adds. The unit easily supports heavy-duty applications, such as solar panel installations.

Delivery of the VersaBracket-47 is expected to begin this month.

S-5!: (888) 825-3432


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